App Market Registration and Set-up Guide

REQUIREMENTS: An active Clover merchant account is necessary in order to utilize the RedFox Online Ordering App through the Clover Station.

Step 1: Install the App right from your Clover Station Device

ü From your Clover Launcher, Click on “App Market”


ü Locate and Select Online Orders by Click a Waiter.


ü  Click on “Install”, then Click on “Accept & Install”

          Note: If “Install blocked” window populates, Click on Settings, scroll down to “Device Administration” section and place a check mark in “Unknown sources” then Click on Ok.

ü Do you want to install the application? Click on Next, then Click on Install.

          Note: If app updates are available, you will be prompted to “Continue” with the new updates or Click on Cancel in order to proceed with the current installation.

ü Once the download is complete, the Online Ordering App will now appear in your Clover Station.

Step 2: Registering For Online Ordering Services

ü Locate and Click on the newly downloaded RedFox Online Ordering App.

ü Merchant Registration window will open and pre-populate with your Company Information as determined by Clover.

ü Company Information - Update and complete any required details, if necessary. Then Click on Next.

ü Contact Information – Update Email Address and Enter a Password. (The email address and password entered here will be used to login to your RedFox Online Ordering Dashboard). Enter your location phone number then Click Next.

ü Email Settings – Enter Email Address, Email Password and SMTP URL Settings then Click on Next.

          Note: This information is necessary in order to send order confirmations and registration emails to your customers. SMTP Help is available right from your RedFox Ordering App, simply Click on the SMTP Help? Link. You can also refer to the SMTP Mail Server section in our Support and Knowledge base for additional information. Included in the help section are the TOP 10 SMTP URL Email server settings for your reference.


ü Account Details - Select the Online Ordering Tender Type(s).

               For Cash - Allow the customer to order online and pay for the order upon Dine-in, Pick-up or Delivery.

               For Credit Card – Allows the customer to order online and prepay for the order prior to Dine-in, Pick-up or Delivery.

Note: For Credit Card Services, a Payeezy Gateway account is necessary. If you currently do not have access to the required information, Select Cash Only and Click on Save. You will have the opportunity to enter Credit Card details at a later time.

Already have a Payeezy Account? Select “Have a Payeezy Account?”, then Enter your Login Name, Transaction Key and Acceptable Credit Card Types. (If you do not have this information readily available, Select Cash only then click on Save and Contact your Payeezy Gateway representative for the required information).

Need a Payeezy Account? Select “Need a Payeezy Account?” A new window will populate. Start a Live Chat, Call the Toll-Free number or complete the Contact Us details and a Payeezy Gateway representative will reach out to you to set-up your Payeezy Gateway account.

Close the newly populated Payeezy contact window, and Select “Cash Only” on the Account details page, then Click Save. *Once your Payeezy account details have been established, you will be able to enter the required settings at a later date.


Step 3: Location Setup

ü Services Section – Service types and hours will vary by location. This is not your business hours, these are the hours that your services will be offer when your location is open for business. 

  1.  Select the service types you will offer to your Online Ordering customers by placing a check next to each box. (i.e., Dine-in, Pick-up and/or Delivery).
  2. Set the Service type hours from the drop downs menus under each service type available. (Using the 24-hour Clock).
  3. Set “Online Ordering Discount”, if applicable. The discount entered in this field will apply to every online order. The discount will be calculated off of the order subtotal.
  4. Set the Maximum number of days allowed for customers to place orders in advance. (Ex. Entering 30 days in this field will only allow the customer to place an online order within a 30 day period.)

ü Notification Section – Orders can be received via several different methods. (i.e., Receipt Printer, Email, Fax and/or SMS Text Message)

  1. Set your Primary order notification method
  2. Set your Secondary order notification method or Select None, if not necessary.
  3. For Faxing Services – Place a check in the box next to Fax, enter the fax number, then Select Fax from the Primary or Secondary notification dropdown menu.
  4.  For SMS Services – Enter the mobile number of the person who will receive the online orders. (SMS option will not appear in the primary or secondary drop down menus).


ü Delivery Area Section – If delivery services were selected under Service types, you will need to enter your delivery service area(s) and delivery fee(s), if applicable. 

  1. Enter Minimum Delivery Order amount for online orders. (Minimum amount set will only apply to delivery orders, if minimum amount is not required then enter $0.00)
  2. Enter the Zip Code of the Delivery Area (ex. 02110)
  3. Enter the Delivery Area Description (ex. Boston Delivery)
  4. Enter Delivery Fee (For FREE Delivery Enter $0.00)
  5. Click on Add then Enter additional Delivery Areas, if applicable or Click Save and Go Next. 

ü Location Hours Section – These are your business hours, which can be different than your Service Type hours. If your location is closed on a specific days or at specific hours during the day, you want to enter that information on this screen, this will disable online ordering on the specific days and/or times entered.

  1. Set Time Zone
  2. Enter Business Hours for each day.

                    Examples: (See Image below)

                             a)  If the location is closed on specific day(s), enter “Off” in the drop down menus. (See Monday)

                             b)  If a location has regular hours (See Tuesday through Friday) 

                             c)  If the location is closed for Lunch/Dinner changeover, Enter the Open and Close hours in both sections.

                                  In the example below, the location will close for Two hours between 2pm and 4pm (See Saturday and Sunday)

Note: If business hours are not in this section, the system will assume the location is open 24-hours. Online Ordering hours will default to the times set under the service type. (Dine-in, Pick-up or Delivery hours)

ü Holiday Hours Section – Dates can be set at any time, this feature will disable your Online Menu based on the preset criteria. 

  1. Enter Date
  2. Enter Holiday Description
  3. Selecting Full Day will disable the online ordering for entire day and re-open on the next business day.
  4. Selecting Half Day will prompt you for the Hours the location will be closed and will re-open once that time has passed. 
  5. Select Add, then enter the Next Holiday or Save and Go Next.
  6. Selecting Skip, will allow you to enter these details at a late date.

ü Logo and Advertise Section – Set your Website Logo and Advertisement banners.

  1. Logo Tab – Click Browse and Set your Top Banner Logo Image, this will appear at the top of your website. (Size 600 x 120 pixels)


           2.  Advertise Tab – Click Browse to set your right side Advertisement Images. (Image Size 1: 219 x 359 pixels, Image Size 2: 219 x 154 pixels)



            3.  Clicking Confirm will complete the Registration process and take you to the Online Ordering dashboard.

**A Registration Email containing your ONLINE ORDERING MENU LINK will be sent to the registered email address. It is suggested that you review your online menu for accuracy and proceed to the next section, “Customizing your Online Menu”, if menu changes are required. **


Your current Clover Inventory will push to your Online Ordering Menu. Some changes may need to be made in order to hide certain items that are not intended for online sales. Keep in mind, changes made to your Menu Items through the RedFox Online Ordering app will only reflect changes to your online menu. This will not affect your items created in the Clover Inventory app.

  1. Click Online Orders App from the Clover Launcher
  2. Select Settings from the RedFox Order Dashboard
  3. Select Menu Settings, then Enter the Password that was created upon registration.


ü Category – Clicking the edit pencil within each category name will allow you to do the following:

         ·     Change Category Names

         ·     Add Category Descriptions

         ·     Update Category Statuses

ü Items – Selecting a Category will populate a list of items within that specific category. Clicking on an Item Name then selecting the edit pencil will allow you to do the following:

         ·   Add Item Images

         ·    Change Online Item Names

         ·   Add Item Descriptions

         ·  Update Item Status

         ·   Change Item Availability


In order to successfully implement the delivery driver and order tracking feature, drivers will require an Android or iOS device with mobile services. Please refer to Driver Management App section in our Support and Knowledge base for setup details.


Visit our Support and Knowledge base for answers to commonly asked questions. You can also email