Your current Clover Inventory will push to your Online Ordering Menu. Some changes may need to be made in order to hide certain items that are not intended for online sales. Keep in mind, changes made to your Menu Items through the RedFox Online Ordering app will only reflect changes to your online menu. This will not affect your items created in the Clover Inventory app.

  1. Click Online Orders App from the Clover Launcher
  2. Select Settings from the RedFox Order Dashboard
  3. Select Menu Settings, then Enter the Password that was created upon registration.

ü Category – Clicking the edit pencil within each category name will allow you to do the following:

· Change Category Names

·  Add Category Descriptions

· Update Category Statuses

ü Items – Selecting a Category will populate a list of items within that specific category. Clicking on an Item Name then selecting the edit pencil will allow you to do the following:

·  Add Item Images

· Change Online Item Names

·  Add Item Descriptions

· Update Item Status

·  Change Item Availability