This guide is for users that have chosen our RedFox Online Ordering option. The online ordering application will allow you to receive online orders but does not include POS or employee management features. Our RedFox Online Ordering application may be downloaded to most Android devices from the Google Play Store. To find the application to download, search for "RedFox Online Ordering Admin" in the Google Play Store.


     The HOME tab will show all current orders. Information displayed includes order number, order status, order type, order date and time, customer name and customer phone number. Orders can be filtered by order status. The HOME page will automatically refresh every 5 minutes to display any new incoming online orders.
     To view details of each order, select the desired order. Once the order has been selected, customer details and order details will be displayed. Order status may be updated form the order detail screen.
     Once a driver is assigned for delivery orders, the delivery driver will be able to update the order status using the RedFox Driver application from their Android or iOS (Apple) smart phone.
     When the order is ready, drivers may be assigned form the order detail screen.



     The MENU tab is where you can create and edit menus and menu categories and menu items.


     Scroll categories (at the top of the menu screen) left and right to view the different categories. Scroll items up and down to view any additional items in each category (only 4 or 5 are visible at one time).

Add Category: Multiple categories can be created for each menu.Example categories are Appetizers, Entrées, Beverages, Sandwiches and Deserts.

Add Item: The item level is where each menu item is defined. It is at this level where sizes (small medium or large?), preferences (how would you like your steak done?), and modifiers (would you like mashed potatoes or french fries with that?)


The Star: Located at the upper left of the category image or to the right of each item listing. Taping the star will disable or enable the category or item. A green star indicates that the item is available, a red star indicates that the item is unavailable and will not show on the online menu. This feature is useful when an item is temporarily sold out.

The Pencil: Located at the upper right of the category image or upper right of the item details (select the item to view item details). This will allow you to edit an existing category or item.


     Order History will show recently completed orders (Last 4 Hrs) or orders completed within a specified date range (Older). Select the order to view order details.


     The following reports are available from the RedFox online ordering application:

Daily Settlement Report:

Driver Report:

Summary Report:

Order Log Report:

Void Order Report: Displays a history of voided transactions withing a given time frame.


Printer Settings: Used to set up default printer to print orders and reports.

Drivers: Used to add and edit delivery driver information. Mobile number entered is where the driver will receive new order alerts on hes/her phone when the driver application is installed, so it is very important that this information is entered correctly.

Locate Driver: Will display a map of each driver and there current location.

Customer Marketing: The customer marketing function will allow you to send messages to customers phones (SMS) or email addresses. Typical use of this feature would be for marketing campaigns. Quick reminders of daily specials or special pricing are a few examples. When a new online order is received, customers are asked for there contact information, including email address and phone number. For each new customer, a record is created. Once a customer record is created, the RedFox POS system will keep track of how many orders each customer has placed and the date of last order.

     Filters: Customer list can be narrowed to show customers who haven't ordered  in the last 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. This is a great way to try to retain customers who stopped ordering for one reason or another. Sending a text or email offering them a great deal may get them to come back to your establishment as a repeat customer again!