The online ordering website (or "customer portal") is the interface where customers will place there online orders.

Company Banner: At the top is the company banner that should display your company logo. The company logo should be 600 x 120 pixels. To load you company banner, log into your merchant dashboard and click on "Company Banner".

Track: Customers are able to track there order by entering the order number in the tracking field. The "Track" field is located just under the company logo to the left.

Categories and Items: Categories and items are assigned during the menu set up process. For information on menu set up and editing, see the Merchant Dashboard guide.

     To add a menu item to an order, select a category and the item that you wish to add, then select any required (or desired) modifiers and preferences.  When your order is complete, select the shopping cart and complete the check out process. As part of the check out process, customers will be given the opportunity to add a tip and enter any coupon codes that they may have available to them. For information on coupons, please see the Merchant Dashboard user guide.

Customer Information /  Marketing

     Each customer ordering online will be asked for their address and contact information. Each new online order customer will also be asked to enter a password. Returning customers will be able to enter their email address and password to log in. Returning customers who log in with their email address and password will be able to select from previously used delivery addresses to simplify the ordering process and will also be able to edit previously used addresses associated with their account via the account settings button. They will also have the option to enter  anew delivery address. Customers who log in will also be able to view previous orders that were placed online and add the same items from that order to the shopping cart.

     Once a customer enters their information and places an order, they are added to the "marketing" list. Managers will be able to edit each individual customer record. For each email "marketing" campaign, each individual customer can be included (or excluded) from that campaign. For information on marketing campaigns, please see the Merchant Dashboard user guide.